Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The art of Ego

Artists tend to be compulsive. They rehash, and edit, and go over a piece or project a million and a half times until they're satisfied...and they're never satisfied. But eventually, deadlines creep up and the artist must STOP. They've got to find a point where they're at least somewhat comfortable with what they've produced, and show it to someone.

And then...we're still not comfortable. We're still not at ease, we're still not satisfied...
Ask any artist, and I'm certain they'll be able to show you at least five flaws in any completed piece.

So how do we get over it? How do we move on, and start something fresh and new even if we aren't completely satisfied with our work?

Simple. We do what everyone else does in their insecurities...

We fake it until it works.

We take our projects and show them off, and take whatever criticisms come our way and use them to build a better piece. We become secure enough in our works that when the non-helpful criticism is thrown our way, we can shake it off.

So go out. Showboat. Showcase. Show the world what you've got, and be confident in it.
The world will take notice.

Thanks to the power of the internet, an artist can showcase their work with little to no trouble at all, and thanks to the power of social media, artists can make connections with other artists, students, and potential clients with even less trouble.

And so...I present to you, Orkut. Or, more specifically, my Orkut profile. And my deviantart profile. Why? Because we're all working on this confidence thing.

Just for grins...guess how many times I edited this.